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A Strange Thing Happened When The Convention Was Over.




It had happened quickly-too quickly. was was leaving the hotel room with a suitcase in each hand. The horror convention had been a blast. Three and a half great days of fun, shopping, picking up collectibles and rareities, visiting with long time horror and monster friends.The weekend flew by and I loved every minute of it- but I was looking foward to getting back to Long Island and stopping at my office to pick up my files for the next day (Monday) before heading home.


It was after 7:00 PM and most of the people had already left the hotel. My car was parked and I just had these two items to toss in the back seat and I'd be ready. I  planned to say good-bye to a few of the convention staff, grab a bottle of water and head on my way.As I headed for the elevator, I passed two attractive women that appeared to be in their late thirties. Probably MILF'S. They were casually but neatly  dressed, wearing, blue jeans. loafers and horror t-shirts  and were chatting about whose autographs each had gotten during the show. As I walked past, they smiled and said "Hello"  and I smiled back and replied to them "See you in October at the next show!"


It was then that I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder. "Damn!" I thought  'my torn rotatercuff is acting up again.'" But a second later when I felt another needle like pain in my lower back, I knew that something  else was causing that pain. I dropped my suitcases, reached back and pulled out what appeared to be a tiny thorn from the small of my back. My legs got wobbly and I sunk down to the hallway  carpet. As I was fading out, I saw both of them standing over me. One of them glosted, "Oh no, we'll see you LONG BEFORE October!!"


I don't know how long I was out. As I was comming to, I couldn't move my arms or legs.

It was pitch black. I felt something being continuously wrapped  over and around my mouth and lower face that I soon learned was heavy duty adhesive tape. I could actually hear the tape peeling off the  roll as layer after layer was plastered over one another, thereby completely sealing my mouth and mummifying my lower face. It was  thick, stiff, heavy and gluey. And the  entire roll was exhausted.  I heard strips of tape being torn from another roll of tape. They were criss-crossed over the layers of tape that were wound over my mouth and I could feel them being pressed down as they went from the top of my cheekbones to the underside of my jaw and back up the other side again.I didn't even have the strength to try to "mm-pp-hh" any type of sound from under the mounds of tape. It was surreal.  I just couldn't summon the energy to try to move or resist.


Chapter 1