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Dreams Do Come True

It's been over three years now since I lost Eva in that tragic accident. It took awhile but my kids and I have at long last moved on with our lives.  We are all deeply saddened by her loss, but we still have a lot of great memories. No doubt, if we are as good in our lives are she was in hers, we will united with her in the hereafter.  Now that all three of our kids are in college, I have a lot of time on my hands.


Eva and I often practiced bondage as an integral part of our lovemaking. We were both "switchables"  and we took turns being bound and gagged by one another in our many bondage adventures that we played during  our 21 years of  marriage. Sometimes we would visit Ms. Chris X at her place in Manhattan. Ms Chris X would hold us as her "prisoners" and keep the two of  us bound and gagged for various time periods ranging from an hour or so, to a full day,  or even longer depending upon the type of scenerio that we were roleplaying.  Often she would free us for a brief time period so that we could make love to each other and then immediately tie us up again and continue to hold us as her captives  once the lovemaking was completed. Sometimes she would position Eva and I in such a way that we could make love while still bound  and gagged. (This was difficult and often required  a bit of help on Ms. Chris X's part, but she was always willing to assist us.)


Then there were times when Ms. Chris X  would  do scenes with us  at various hotels. She would pose as a  "robber" or " cat burglar"  that had surprised and overpowered us  while we were staying overnight at a nice hotel. After tying us up and securely gagging us, she would "steal" our money and other valuables. We would remain all bound and gagged while she "escaped" with the fruits of her "crime". On more than a few occasions, Eva and I spent many intimate hours  on end, tightly bound and thoroughly gagged, completely helpless in the hotel room (sometimes in the bed, sometimes in the closet,  sometimes in the bathroom,sometimes wriggling about on the floor.) while we waited to be "rescued" by either room service or a hotel maid come the next morning.  It was quite a thrill to be bound and gagged and genuinely helpless for a prolonged period of time and the anticipation of being "discovered" was exciting beyond measure. I truly loved gazing upon the sight of my beautiful Eva bound, gagged and squirming about while we both waited to be "rescued". Very often, while in this bound and gagged condition, we would , as best as we could, rub and grind our bodies against one another  and snuggle together.


In such situations once were were finally discovered the hotel staff  would always be puzzled and mystified when we would insist that the authorities NOT  be notified, because we had no intention of cooperating in any sort of investigation. We informed them that we had no wish to press charges against anyone. We would say that the person would did this to us was a friend  and that  it was only due to a misunderstanding that she didn't  arrive back in time to release us.   We got the strangest looks and were constantly peppered with,but

we always stuck with the plan and after giving a generous tip to the party that had discovered us tied up and gagged,(whether it was the maid or hotel manager or whatever) they happily acquiesced  with our decision and we each went about our own business.


Once we were set free, we would call Ms Chris X and let her know that we had been "rescued" (this was a safety precaution) . I recall one  instance wherein Ms. Chris X had rendered Eva and I snugly bound and

gagged inside our hotel bathroom.  She left the hotel with her "loot" around 1:30 A.M. with the understanding that we would likely be discovered and released by the hotel room service bringing us an early breakfast. However, on this particuliar occasion, somehow  the  room service never received our breakfast order, so they never showed up. To make matter worse, someone placed a "Do Not Disturb" sign on our door and therefore, the maid never came in to clean  the room that morning.  At about 10:00 A.M. Eva and I started to get worried and we set about trying to get loose on our own. To no avail, despite our best efforts, Eva and I were unable to free ourselves from our bonds. (Ms. Chris X sure knows her business.) We tried outr best to yell and scream FOR REAL in an effort to alert someone, anyone to set us free.  However, the gags that she applied to our mouths completely silenced our cries and apparently nobody heard our pleas to be released.  The many  strips of adhesive tape that she used, reinforced by additional layers of elastoplast and ace bandages that were wrapped over the tape had adequately served their purpose.


Therefore, since we were unable to get free and give the "all is well" call to Ms. Chris X, it was necessary for her to come back to the hotel and untie us. She didn't make it out to the hotel until  well after 12 noon and she broke out in laughter when she found us-exactly where she had left us-in the bath tub, vainly struggling to get free  and futilely "mmmmpppphhhing" for help from behind the thick, sticky layers of tape and plaster cloth that has sealed our mouths shut and had so effectively muffled  any cries for assistance. After a long, hot shower (and believe me, we needed one!) the three of us went to lunch.


And now I still visit Ms. Chris X from time to time, but alas, it is always alone. Truth be told, most of my bondage adventures these days are relegated to those of self bondage. And although, Ms.Chris X is a great dominatrix  and has proven herself to be a caring, genuine and understanding friend, nothing can ever really  replace Eva.


I saved almost all of Eva's  undergarments, panties, stockings and pantyhose. And believe me, she had quite

faithfully keep them clean and whenever I take them out of the washer or dryer I give them squirt of Eva's favorite perfume- Calvin Klein Obsession. I often use them as part of my gag when I engage in self-bondage.

(I even bring them along with me when I visit Ms. Chris X for bondage sessions.)


Having Eva's panties stuffed in my mouth or having her hosiery used as a cleave gag or a blindfold serves as a loving reminder of our wonderful times together. Once the hosiery or undergarments are in my mouth, I firmly close my lips over them and then seal them shut with adhesive tape.