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Held Hostage

by Jason

The year was 1993. Before the widespread proliferation of cell phones, laptops were a rarity, VHS was the king of movie entertainment and everyone has a beeper. Jason was away at a hotel for the semi annual three day weekend sci-fi and horror convention. He had a lengthy self bondage session planned for the evening and had arranged for a former client of his, Denise (who has since become a friend), to come out to the hotel and "rescue" him. They would spend the remainder of the evening together and then the next day they'd attend the convention, culminationg in lunch, dinner ad another adventure.


After cruising the convention for a few hours, he had a quick drink at the bar and then headed back up to his room. He was exhausted. It had been a very long day and he hadn't got very much sleep the night before. It was about 10:30 pm and the show would be closing soon for the night anyway. he was so tired that he briefly considered calling off  his planned bondage adventure that was soon to occur this evening, but upon reflection, he realized that these weekend getaways were few and far between  and he might as well take advantage of such opportunities whenever they arose. And what he had planned for the rest of the evening was far more exciting than the convention. And in any event, there were still two more days of the convention to go.


As he left the conventionarea and went into the lobby there was some sort of commotion going on and Jason couldn't help but notice the hotel security runing about on their walkie talkies , jabbering on about some type of incident that had just occured.  But he paid it no mind since it did not concern him. Or so he thought.


Taking the crowded elevator up to his room on the fifth floor, his attention was drawn to an attractive and well built woman in her mid 30s in a jet black wig, wearing a tight , beige spandex catsuit witha black utility belt complete with a ray gun in it's holster, black gloves, black boots and dark sunglasses.

Definitely a MILF he thought. The woman gave Jason the once over and sized him up. . She smiled at him and nodded her head as if she were evaluation him and had found him acceptable for something that she had on her mind.  They exchanged pleasantries and Jason was surprised when she exited the elevator along with him on the 5th floor. She kept glancing around and over her shoulder as if she were a lookout for a robbery or burglary as they walked down the hall.


Then the woman inquired "Excuse me, are you associated with the convention?"


"No, just a fan that comes out to each show." he replied. And they continued wealking towards his room.


"But aren't you working with(and she named one of the guests) ? I saw you talking with him earlier."


"I was, but only for a moment or so." he answered. "I'm not his agent or representative."


"Oh, so he's not staying with you?"


"Nope. It's just me here, all by myself."


"Are you sure?"


"Yes, I'm sure. It's just me."


They stopped right in front of Jason's room which was the last room on the long hllway, right by the stairwell and Jason turned his back to her as he took out  the key to his door.


"I see..." as she stepped towards him from behind.


Then, all at once the door to the strairwell burst open and three members of the hotel security  came hustling through into the hallway and startled the two of them. The woman gasped and jumped back. They ran past the woman and Jason. One turned around briefly to get a better look at the woman before he went on his way.  


Damn!!   she thought to herself. Opportunity ruined. Can't risk it now. Not with witnesses present.


"Look, I hate to be rude, but I'm bushed and I got to get some sleep.  Maybe I'll see you at the show tommorow. Oh, and by the way, that's a great costume." and he was into his room.


"Oh... ok, see you later." and she slowly walked away. Oh no, she thought, I'll be seeing you much sooner than tomorrow.


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