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jason In A Terrible Bind

Dearest Mistress Crosse,


You won't believe this! It's a little after 4:30 pm. I an in a terrible bind-literally!! I am completely naked and hiding under my desk in my New Jersey office. My feet are tied at the ankles and above the knees. My mouth is all taped up and my hands are handcuffed together and secured to my waist by the rope  around my waist.  I am balancing my laptop on my knees as best I can as I am typing this out with great difficulty. I was doing a self bondage session  at my office and almost finished and was getting ready to add a blindfold and was securing myself when suddenly I heard the office door  adjacent to my office open. It was my associate!! She never comes in on Sundays, but she's here today!! I slid off the chair and squirmed as fast as I could to get under the desk. Thank heavens I turned off the lights- she must think my office is empty. The door is wide open and I'm hidden under the desk.  The handcuff key is on top of the table next to my desk and there is a half used roll of duct tape in the middle of the floor.

I hope she doesn't notice. I can't get to it without arrousing her attention. This is so embarrassing!! She must have gotten here 20 minutes ago. WHEN IS SHE GOING TO LEAVE?? The cleaning crew starts around 6 pm. This is so humiliating!! I can't even cry

out or "MM-PP-HH!!" for help!!  She keeps talking on the phone and has the tv on too. If the cleaning crew finds me, I'm a dead duck!! Hopefully they will leave soon before the cleaning crew arrives and then I can knock the table over by kicking it, get the key, uncuff myself, then shut the door and get dressed. But that is only if she leaves before the cleaning crew arrives."MM-PP-HH!!!!" I wish you were here to help me get out of this unfortunate situation, but even if you could come out  were how could you??


Mistress Crosse replies:


I just told this to a Mistress friend of mine and she thinks it's the funniest story she has heard all year!! Sorry, but I will not be able to leave Manhattan and come out to New Jersey to rescue you. I'm busy with scenes all day. But I will be laughing  thinking of you in that fine mess you have gotten yourself into.  Would love to be a fly on the wall  watching you sweat and squirm wondering when you co-worker will be leaving, wonderning if she

and the cleaning crew will discover your little secret!! So  DO  get back to me later to let me know the out come!!


Jason replies:

An unfortunate situation that a bondage enthusiast got himself into one Sunday afternoon...